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"Day of Beauty" Testimonials

posted May 5, 2010, 4:20 AM by Gloria Owczarski   [ updated May 2, 2013, 3:13 PM ]

Hi Gloria,


I’m so sorry our assignment desk was not able to get a reporter or photographer to your event today. The news priorities of the day (all the flooding problems) dictated we put our resources there.  Nonetheless, I sincerely hope it was a grand success.  The kids and their teachers deserved all the special treatment.  You remain one of the most inspiring people in our community, with a heart of gold.  You are truly making a difference in people’s lives in a very tangible way.


I hope you are able to get some rest after all the planning and organizing for Day of Beauty. (You deserve to put your feet up for a minute).


Continue the great giving work that you and your supporters do.  And thank you for staying in touch.  I’m looking forward to keeping up with your endeavors.


Many blessings,



Brenda Wood

News Anchor





Dear Brenda,

I am really looking forward to your coverage on the special event coordinated by Gloria Owczarski for the "Day of Beauty" for special needs kids and their teachers.  When Gloria emailed me about this event, even though I got on board late, I got on board!  I think it is SUCH a FANTASTIC idea - and Gloria's heart is so HUGE - she just makes people want to join in because you know not only is it the right thing to do - it will be FUN!   What a wonderful combination!

Unfortunately, even though I had planned to participate that day, a family emergency prevented me from attending.  However, I was able to raise a little bit of money for Gloria on pretty short notice - and she is already collaborating on how to get started for an even bigger event next year.  I am certain as we get word out, more people will be finding this a great event to get involved in!  I know I will be seriously more involved next year - and one of our initiatives for next year is to get her "Nonprofit" status so more people will donate $'s and goods!  

I know your coverage will be a huge boost for an event that is quite simply a gesture from the heart - from Gloria's heart and her love for her sister and her "compadres".   I've even told her I think this could go city-wide, state-wide and eventually, National!  Perhaps she can one day be blessed to host you AND Oprah? One can ALWAYS dream!  (and if you're going to shoot for a goal - make it a big one!)  :-)  

Thanks very much for your interest in getting the word out on this very special day/event.  You are our FAVORITE - 1st Newslady of Atlanta!    (even BEFORE this!)  :-)

Jean Melvin
Alpharetta, GA

(FYI - This is the first year we've participated in the event - because even though we've known Gloria and her husband Greg for a few years now, we've only known them "informally" as they adopted their dog, "Lucy" from us.  Who knew what we were missing?!!)

Jean Melvin
Operational Metrics
Enterprise Infrastructure & Operations

Dear Brenda Wood,
Our daughter, Karen, was asked to join the "Day of Beauty" for the second year.
She was so looking forward to the event and was not disappointed!
Karen also swims with Gloria's Fri. aft Special Olympics practice team.
Gloria is a really "special" person herself.
Besides being a friend & role model to our daughter, age 20 with Down Syndrome,
she spends countless hours organizing this "Day" which could be a role model for
many other communities around the state & the country.
But, that's your job!
Please let the world know what a great idea Gloria has in this venture &
the smiles the participants have afterward & for years to come.
Susan Valentino

Hi Gloria,


Happy New Year!  Hope you had a wonderful holiday.


Thanks for keeping me updated on your Day of Beauty year after year.  You are a blessing to so many people.  Just want you to know I appreciate all that you do for our community.   You are a gift!


May God continue to bless you.


 Brenda Wood

News Anchor, WXIA TV




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Hey Gloria!

We had the best time! Thank you so much for letting us host this event! It was truly magical for everyone involved!

Emily Allen
Paul Mitchell The School - Atlanta

Gloria you are just the most wonderful woman I think I have ever met! We are so excited just to be involved! We are more than happy to help you get all of this done : ) Again, I am here thru Saturday this week so feel free to drop anything off here as you get it and we can get working on those goodie bags! Let me know what I can to do help : ) We are really excited about being a part of your event!

Monica McKim
Admissions Leader
887 West Marietta Street NW Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30318
office: 404-888-0070 ext. 31 
cell: 404-368-5907

We would like to thank you for allowing us to come to “Day of Beauty.” It was absolutely amazing to see everyone receiving services and being pampered. We had messages and enjoyed the atmosphere,  entertainment, and of course the food. We had a great time staff and our participants. We danced and just enjoyed being around like minded people. Thanks again and we look forward to next year.



Miguel Sykes : The Frazer Center


Thank you so much for extending this opportunity to our young people and staff.  Their confidence and self-esteem is through the roof.  We would like to extend a personal thank you, can you provide us the name of your staff and volunteers?



Shemeka Frazier-Sorrells, M.S

Program Director | TransitionZ CHRIS Kids

Office: 404-564-0078 Mobile: 404-281-3845 | Fax 404-564-0082| shemeka.frazier @chriskids.org

1017 Fayetteville Rd., Suite B, Atlanta, GA 30316 | www.chriskids.org

Hi Gloria!
You are amazing! This was my first year volunteering and I was very impressed by how smoothly everything was run. I had a great time today and can't wait for next year's event. Thanks for organizing this event... I will be spreading the word!!! Take care!

Kenyetta White

Just wanted to say thank you to you! What a wonderful event that you put together. It was so encouraging to see so many people coming together to do something special for teenagers with special needs. The volunteers were great. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. AJ was wonderful, thank you for that special treat for me. Emily was certainly content (if she was unhappy everyone would have known it). She enjoyed the music and ate 4 bags of chips (hey that is golden to her).  Thank you for allowing us to come and be a part of A Day of Beauty.  It was special to do this just with my daughter.  Thank you again.
Stephanie King

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such a wonderful day!  My girls had an incredible time!!!!!  They were so excited to be there and loved every minute of it! 


You did an amazing job setting everything up!!!!  Everyone that was there to work on our special friends were fantastic and wonderful!  I loved every minute of it!


Thank you, for what you did for my girls (and everyone that came!)!!!!!!




Debbie Parrish, CTRS

Fayette County Parks & Recreation Department

140 West Stonewall Avenue

Fayetteville, GA 30214

Office: 770.716.4325

Fax: 770.460.1931

Thank you Gloria!!!  You did another amazing job orchestrating everything
today.  Our students and staff had a blast, and they look great!  Thank you
again for inviting us!

Courtney Sievers
Gwinnett High School


e kids are still talking about the fun they had at "The Day of Beauty."
Everything was done in such excellence!

Can't wait 'til next year-- I know that it will be even better.  Again,
thanks for your generosity!

Johnny Toombs,
Towers High School

The teachers and staff from Stephenson High School want to personally
Thank you all for your generosity. Our students truly felt like Kings and
Queens. Some of our girls walked into a salon for the first time in their
life and they did not know what to expect. But when they finished, you
could just see the joy in there face and you knew they felt beautiful.
I cannot find the words to tell you how much our students (and us) enjoyed
everything. From the massages, the nails, the facials, the haircuts (and
color), the food and the gifts.
But most of all, we enjoyed the atmosphere, everyone's positive attitude
made our students truly feel as if "They were the most important people in
the world"
Thank you ALL sooooooo much.
From the Teachers and staff of Stephenson High School

Pamela Tucker-Gorden
Classroom Teacher
Resource Department
Independent Living Skills Program
Stephenson High School

Today was the 7th annual Day of Beauty!  (http://www.mydayofbeauty.net/) Words can't describe this spectacular day.  Photos can't really either, at least not MY photos.  They didn't turn out so hot but there were photographers there along with the local news so I'm hoping it'll be on TV. 

Again this year, I got to "man" the massage room.  So much fun.  We had @ 12 massage therapist volunteers and they stayed busy.  The local news reporter interviewed one guy, James I think, while he was getting his massage.  It's hysterical.  The reporter was laughing so hard she could hardly ask questions.  I hope that one makes airtime. 

There were so many kids & young adults with their teachers & aids.  Special Olympics girls swim team, public schools, transition centers, supervised adult living facilities and probably some I missed.  They got their hair colored (one guy got red & blue, another gold), haircuts, makeup, manicures, waxing and of course massage. 

Ruby the clown entertained along with Jessica (love her from Lululemon) and another Hawks dancer.  Lest I not forget the DJ too. The place was rockin!  The food was unreal - Twisted Taco had taco bar, burgers, hot dogs, ribs, cakes, mini cupcakes, cookies, bagels, chips, candy and fruit!  Something for everyone!!!!!

All donated and volunteers!!!!  Some of my blogging friends came and I got to meet them F2F.  That was so cool (and thanks)! 

So....how does this all come together?!!!  There's only one girl I know that can make all this happen and that's the founder and organizer.........Gloria O.  This is her labor of love and the Day of Beauty brings so much joy and happiness that you must be there to truly experience it.  It does not fit into words.   It was a SPECTACULAR day and I can't wait for next year!! 


Great job Gloria!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By Simply Sara to Whatz the Skinny? at 5/03/2010 08:23:00 PM

The Day of Beauty today was absolutely magnificent.  It is easily the best
example I have ever seen of a community member building something that has
such a great impact on so many public school students.  Through your work
and vision, you have built a huge network of dozens and dozens of
individuals who donate their time, expertise and resources to benefit so
many.  Your leadership and the Day of Beauty are tremendous examples of
how we can use our God-given gifts and talents to benefit others.

Thank you for all that you do.  The Day of Beauty is a blessing to many,
many adults and students.


John L. O'Connor
Executive Director for Special Services
East DeKalb Campus
5839 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, GA 30083
678-676-1888 FAX
Administrative Assistant:  Hilda Bishop  678-676-1890

You outdid yourself one more time.  Today was SPECTACULAR.  Everyone was raving about it – techs, volunteers, teachers and of course all the students.  Thanks for letting me be a part of it.  You can count on me next year too!!!


Thank you for the S.O. watch.  I really love it.  This all has such a special place in my heart.  Thanks and now go get a massage!!!!


Sara Robbins

Managing Director


Precision. Talent. Recruitment.

770-818-0414, Ext. 7060 – Phone

404-944-4053 - Cell

678-589-4183 - Fax



You are welcome any time. You made us felt very special last year at the
Day of Beauty. Thanks for everything you did then. Pictures are so
wonderful. I forwarded to my colleagues. Thanks.

Aruna Kocherlakota
self contained special education class teacher
McNair High school

It was a wonderful day.  Thanks for organizing it.  You are a gem!  It was a lot of fun and definitely a great cause.
Please continue to share the photo links as you get them. 
All the best,


Great Job as always!! Thanks for inviting enyiaanise beauty bar team…..we cant wait ‘till next year !!


Letha Anise & Enyia

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FaceBook: enyia anise

What a great event you put on.  It looked like you do it every day.  It is the epitome of organized chaos!  Everyone knew what they were supposed to do and just did it.  The kids had such a great time, too.  So many smiles!
Thanks for including me. 
Congratulations. Not only for such a well-run event but for giving us opportunities to be helpful.
Much love,
Gay Arnieri


You did it! I don’t know how. I am convinced you must have some little elves working on all your preparations while no one is looking. However you do it, kudos to you. All I know is Rachel had a great time. Me too!  Congratulations – it was a huge success and it seemed like they all had a great day!

Raye Gray


Hey Gloria,
They event was a success and those experiencing it for the first time are
all ready responding. GO GIRL!

Boni Powell
Special Olympics
East DeKalb Campus
fax: 678-676-1888

Oh how I wish I could have attended.  I have heard nothing but FANTASTIC
things.  You are all  VERY VERY special to do what you do !!!!  THANK YOU
so so much!

Karen Baron
Director, Special Education
East DeKalb Campus


Hi Gloria,

Congratulations on this amazing event! Sounds like it was a wild success. Kudos to you and your big heart for making this happen. How was the massage therapist turnout? Hope they came out for you!


Lara Bracciante, ABMP


Hi Gloria,
Thank you for the sweet email and all the pics!  I forwarded this to all the stylist at fresche that worked the event.  They all spoke very highly of it and how much fun it was!  We are going to strive for next year to have our entire salon there to support you at this event!
I think it is such an inspirational and positive experience that the PM school hosts; you all should feel a lot of pride and happiness inside!
Thank you for letting us participate ~ we will be back!
joi rooks

Wow! As I finish reading this email, I am amazed at the kindness and righteousness u display! I am so upset I can't come on mon.  I respect wat u do, and all the effort, time, and commitment u put into this event! Every single child and adult that benefits will be forever grateful for ur selfless giving. And don't worry G-d's got ur back tooo lol!

Good luck! And we will be in touch
May u be blessed!

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Day of Beauty

Day of Beauty
Atlanta, GA
Awarded 03/23/2010

One of the greatest gifts volunteers can give is not money, a lesson, or a bit of time, but a new feeling or confidence in the person they are helping. “Day of Beauty” does this by offering beauty treatments to young adults with special needs and their teachers at no cost to the students or their families.

Growing up with a sister with Down Syndrome, “Day of Beauty” founder Gloria Owczarski has always had an interest in the success of special needs individuals. Already a swim couch for the Special Olympics, Gloria decided she could do more. Organizing stylists and service technicians in the Atlanta area, Gloria created a Day of Beauty to give kids with special needs and their teachers a day of massages, manicures, haircuts, styling, and other beauty treatments.

The volunteers participating in a Day of Beauty each year notice that their service not only leaves the participants feeling good on the outside, but on the inside as well. Many of the participants have never been to a salon, let alone experienced the attention and care given by the volunteers of a Day of Beauty. Participants leave the experience ready to show off their new looks, and share their new confidence with the world.

The volunteers with Day of Beauty believe in their power to change the world. They demonstrate compassion and grace with the students and teachers involved in Day of Beauty and empower the participants to leave with a renewed sense of confidence and positive outlook on the world.


Gloria Owczarski

Gloria Owczarski
A Day of Beauty
Atlanta, GA
Awarded 03/10/2010

It doesn't matter what age or what walk of life, everybody loves to be pampered. Gloria Owczarski knows that, which is why she's made it her duty to organize and lead “A Day of Beauty” for young adults from Atlanta area high school special education classes and their teachers, many of whom have never been in a salon.

A former salon manager, Gloria dedicates herself to giving one glorious day of makeovers every year to special needs youth and their teachers. She works all year long recruiting stylists to donate their services and a local salon to donate the space. When Gloria started “A Day of Beauty” seven years ago, 20 from the Special Olympics swim team she coaches got makeovers. This year, “A Day of Beauty” will serve over 300 students and teachers at no cost to the participants.

For Gloria, “A Day of Beauty” is about building confidence and helping the participants feel proud of themselves. Gloria shares, “This event is very close to my heart. My sister has Down's syndrome and she is my inspiration. I have been a Special Olympics swim coach for the past 10 years and I do this event for them.” Gloria knows being pampered makes the students and teachers involved feel like someone cares. For Gloria Owczarski, it's personal.

Gloria’s nominators could not say enough about her or “A Day of Beauty,” as Gloria not only serves the program’s participants, their teachers and parents, but she also gives individuals in the beauty industry and the surrounding community an opportunity to give back. One of Gloria’s nominators shared, “Gloria allows many of these students and teachers to experience a day where they are the stars, leaving with confidence in themselves. Not only are the participants treated to such a beautiful day, the volunteers know they have truly made a difference in the lives of these people - how much better can you get?!”

Gloria Owczarski is a beautiful woman who develops confidence in the special needs young adults in her community and mobilizes industry professionals and community partners to pay it forward by making a day of memories and happy smiles for a very special group of kids.

Thank you all for such a lovely time. We really enjoyed ourselves. The
students loved there treats and bookbags. Mr Brown loved the food and his
stainless steel mug .Ms Ball adores her nails, and I am really enjoying my
haircut that Matthew came me.take care all you . arlene

Arlene Eichholz
Special Education Teacher
Tucker High School
5036 La Vista Road
Tucker GA 30084

Gloria and stylists,

My class and I want to thank everyone who took time out of their day off
to minister to my kids.  They had a wonderful time- so did I!

We enjoyed all the great food and so much of it!!  I am on weight watchers
and had to"weight in" Monday evening-if not, I would have eaten one of

The guys and gals who worked on the kids did an excellent job and are a
fun bunch to work with.  They all need to be commended for such a kind,
compassionate, and giving act.  My hope is that we could come back next
year - if Bonnie chooses us again.

Each of the vendors offered some of the most delicious foods.  My kids
just ate, ate, and ate.  In fact today Tiara- my blind student- said she
was hungry during class - so they ate the cookies we took back to class

May the Lord keep blessing each and every one  of you for your kindness to
my kids and others like them.

Thanks again,
Ruth McNally

Special Education
National Board Certified Teacher
Shamrock Middle
3100 Mt. Olive Drive
Decatur, GA  30333


I can't thank you enough for what you and your staff did for my students
this morning.  It means so much that everyone gave up their day off to
come do something for them.  My students don't often, if ever, get treated
with the care and respect that you and your staff provided today.

Every person that I talked to this morning was extremely pleasant and
extremely patient with my students.  Several said how glad they were to be
working with with my kids.  You have some wonderful people there!

Thank you also for pampering us teachers.  I was not expecting the hair
cut and chair massage that I received.  I can't decide which I enjoyed
most!  If only I didn't have to come back to school...  Actually it made
coming back to reality much more bearable.  I really appreciate it.

Thank you again for the awesome morning.  You brought a lot of happiness
to a lot of people.  Please thank everyone else there, too.  It is the
nicest thing anyone has ever done for my students and me.

Many, many thanks,
Beth Sheley

Elizabeth P. Sheley 
S/PID Teacher
Shamrock Middle School
3100 Mount Olive Drive
Decatur, GA  30033
678-874-7703 (voice mail)
678-874-7602 (main office)

    My students will be sending a formal thank you note, but I just had
to tell you again what a wonderful day this way today. 
  We all loved it and the students were so excited!  They couldn't wait to go
home and show their families how beautiful they looked.  I know this
took a lot of work to get this organized and I just wanted to say we all loved it
and appreciate you!  The staff was the best!!!  Thanks for



It was great fun!  WOW!  What an operation!  The kids were thrilled and the volunteers were outstanding!  Tx for allowing me to be a part of it!

Lucy C. Nutt, Ed.S.; CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist/
AAC Specialist
634 Peachtree Pkwy, #275
Cumming, GA 30041

Thank you, Boni and Gloria, and all involved.
This was an exceptional event, and the students and staff all loved this

Jonathan Cates
Vocational Instructor
Department of Special Services
DeKalb County School System
East DeKalb Campus
5839 Memorial Drive
Stone Mountain, Ga. 30083            


Hi Gloria,
 My sister who died in October was with Just People and would have loved what you are doing.  I was glad to hear they are participating.  You are very brave to take on a challenge like this, and I admire you for doing it. 

Thanks and bless you -
Betty Didicher       


"I looked at the pictures of the beautiful children.  You are a true Angel amongst humans!  "

Elizabeth "Beth" Cole

Public Affairs and Communications-EBU



Thanks to you too Gloria.....I had a great time with the folks at Paul Mitchel studio!!!.........A delightful crowd and wonderful environment...

See you next year !!!

Barry J Guthrie LMT NMT
522 Morgan St. Ne, 1-A
Atlanta, GA 30308
Ph: 404 723 6418


Hi Gloria,
Yes I was there - and I had a wonderful time.  Enjoyed the kids so much.  They are truly special, special people.
J. Diane Dobson
Massage Therapist
A Touch of Serenity
Therapeutic Massage



Dear Ms. Owczarski,
  I'm writing you to thank you for arranging the Beauty Day at the Paul Mitchell Salon on Monday, May 3, 2010.
My son attended from Mrs. Hunt's class at Tucker High! He had a great day and was very excited telling us all about

Thanks so much-
Mrs. Brown

P.S. His haircut was great!