Hi! My name is Gloria Owczarski. This is my story, I hope you like it!

I grew up in beautiful Kailua, Hawaii. I have two sisters, one has special needs. Life could be hard growing up with a sibling who was different from the norm. No one else had a sister like mine. People with disabilities didn't seem to exist in the 80's or so it seemed. Instead of embracing my sister, welcoming all of her special qualities, I repelled against it. Why was I being punished with a sister who needed more help with EVERYTHING??? Like most selfish teenagers, I sulked and resented having a sister who was so different from everyone else's siblings. I was mad at God for doing this to me.

It would be years later when I finally "grew up" and realized that I had made an awful mistake about my sister. I was the one with "special needs" and I had so much to learn from my amazing sister Kimmy. She would be the one to make me realize that there are so many wonderful things in life to appreciate, like cookies for breakfast!

I have started an event called "Day of Beauty" for kids with special needs. We bring in schools of children with disabilities along with their hard working teachers and give them a total day of much needed pampering and love. The kids get to choose from the following free services, donated by many wonderfully talented and kind hearted service technicians from ALL OVER Atlanta: haircuts, haircolor, facial waxing, manicures, makeup applications and chair massages. For most kids, this is their first experience in a "real" salon. 

I'm hoping to pass on the wonderful revelation that was given to me from my sister Kimmy to the many wonderful volunteers who come to "Day of Beauty". That we all have so much to learn from these special children. That life is a gift so please unwrap it and enjoy it to the fullest! When you think YOUR life is hard/tough, take a moment to think about what these children have to endure day in and day out yet all it takes is a simple act/gesture of kindness from a stranger to make them smile. We all should remember that. 

Thank you for your time!
Gloria Owczarski

"Day of Beauty" 2012 made the CBS New's "Positively Georgia" segment on April 23rd, 2012! Click on the link below!


Getting geared up for "Day of Beauty" 2013- 10th Anniversary event on Monday April 29th at The Paul Mitchell School- Atlanta!

"Because everyone deserves to feel beautiful!!"

"Day of Beauty" was awarded with the Points of Lights Institutes daily award for March 10, 2010

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"Day of Beauty" made it on CBS News!

"Day of Beauty" is on YouTube!
This is another GREAT video Lisa Cunningham did of this year's "Day of Beauty" 2012 event for kids with special needs!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Thank you Ms. Lisa Cunningham for the above video from last year's event!!

YouTube Video

Thanks Ms. Denise Hardnett for this great video!
The event will be hosted for the 5th time this year again by 
The Paul Mitchell School- Atlanta
which is located at

887 West Marietta St NW

887 W. Marietta Street, Atlanta 30318 @
The King Plow Arts Center on

Ms. Linda Hornik did these fun "Before & After" shots of the kids and volunteers at last year's event 

PicasaWeb Slideshow

PicasaWeb Slideshow

Slideshow by Linda Hornik Photography

   I am pleased to announce that the 10th annual "Day of Beauty" will be hosted this year for the 5th time again by The Paul Mitchell School- Atlanta located at The King Plow Arts Center at 887 W. Marietta Street NW Suite A, Atlanta 30318.
   With a salon floor of about 12,000 square feet, we are looking to do just a little bit more  than last year with the amount of participants receiving services this year. Last year we had over 250+ students AND teachers getting complete makeovers. This year we hope to do over 300+ students/teachers total!
(This is an invite only event for attendees (people receiving services) at this time and is considered a field trip through the Dekalb Co School system. I hope one day this will be state wide!! How amazing would that be?!?!)


All participants can choose from the following services: manicures, facial waxing, highlights, haircuts, chair massages, updos and makeovers. All services are free of charge!


                All services are donated by local talent from various Atlanta salons.




(Thanks Mr. Steve Hightower! Your staff was amazing and thanks for those goody bags!!)

Due to the size of this event, I am in serious need of more volunteers in the following areas: 

  • Stylists- who can cut & color ethnic and non ethnic hair. I want all my kids who are getting hair services to get a deep cleanse, deep conditioning treatment and a very cool updo/braid style that they can wear for awhile! So definitely need stylists who can work on "natural" hair.
    • You must bring your own: cutting tools, styling tools, cutting cape, color cape, lot's of business cards to hand out to all of your "clients".
      • All backbar & styling products will be donated by The Paul Mitchell School.

  • Nail Techs- very basic nail polish application only. (will have some supplies on-site but need to bring own "tools") 

  • Massage Therapists- only doing 15-20 minute chair massages. This service has become extremely popular in the last few years. For most attendees, this is their first experience with massage. If you do not have a chair, please let me know and I will arrange for a rental. Kneads Inc (Thanks Ron!) has donated a few rental chairs for the day(need own massage chair). 

  • Assistants- I am hoping to have one assistant for every 3-4 stylists to help with: shampoo, color application, finishes. This will help expedite the stylists and make sure they are able to stay on time. We are on a very tight schedule and the kids have to be back on the buses at 12:30. 

  • Runners- you will assist the "service technicians" will any of their needs/problems. Help assist teachers with their students etc.

  • Photographers- I love candid shots and would love to have more photographers to be able to catch all of the great moments throughout the day. 

  • Food Table Management- all food is donated from the various local establishments in the area. All of it cannot fit on the tables all at once. This person(s) will help make sure everything is well stocked, juices/sodas are replenished and just keep an eye on the food and make sure it stays clean and orderly. 


  • DJ- I would love to have music again at this years event.

Along with needing volunteers to perform the services, I am also in need of the following items so I can provide breakfast and lunch for all participants along with all of my great volunteers:

  • Breakfast Items- bagels/cream cheese, muffins, biscuits, jams and jellies.
  • Lunch Items- sandwiches, wraps, hot and cold plates, hot dogs, hamburgers etc.
  • Snack Type Items- chips, salsa's, chip dip, fresh fruit, veggies platters and finger food items.
  • Dessert- anything with chocolate and is ooey gooey will do! :)
  • Beverages- liters/cans of soda, powdered drink mixes, juices, coffee & tea.
  • Plastic Cutlery/Paper Goods- silverware, plates, napkins and cups.
  • Decorations- helium balloons, tablecloth covers, streamers etc.
  • Items For Goody Bags- coupons from your business, gift cards, any leftover sample items you no longer need, toys, leftover products from your store you no longer are in need of. These bags are all given to the students ALONG with their hard working teachers to remember their big day by. This also helps them to recognize who in their community supports their special children and their hard working teachers. 
  • Door prizes- I thought it would be fun to have door prizes for the volunteers to win. Can you part with a gift certificate from your business? Make up a goody basket that can be given away? Please let me know!
  • Misc items: tables, chairs, line rope (like rope you would find at a bank or concert venue to help direct people and keep them in proper lines)


With that being said, I would like to say a special "Thank You" to the following contributors who have sponsored my event year after year.

  • D-A-V-E.org - my "official photographer" Hi Dave! Check out some of his work here in these picasa photo albums.
Check out photos below of the "man behind the scenes", my wonderful husband, official "grill master" and most definitely my sanity dispenser! Thanks for all your help!! (He's the good looking one!) :)

PicasaWeb Slideshow

PicasaWeb Slideshow

PicasaWeb Slideshow

PicasaWeb Slideshow

Some of the A-Town dancers  made a special appearance. All were on hand signing autographs along with taking photos with the children. I'm sure this was some of the guys favorite moments! :) 

Former WWE/TNA wrestler "The Relic" also made an appearance and made quite an impression on some of the kids. Definitely wouldn't want to run into him in a dark alley somewhere, ha!

Ruby The Clown For 12 years Reuben Haller has delighted audiences as a clown, musician, and storyteller in Atlanta. For nine years he has performed for The Big Apple Circus at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta hospitals, as part of the prestigious 'Clown Care' program. He has clowned for Cirque du Soleil at two special events, including his role as 'Head Clown' for Cirque at the 4 day Grand Opening of The World of Coke Museum. An accomplished violinist and mandolin player, Reuben also created a solo clown show for The Atlanta Symphony's 'Symphony Celebration' in 2005. Reuben is now in his fourth year performing the acclaimed 'Fiddlin' Dan The Mountain Man' storytelling show at libraries throughout Georgia. He performs at hundreds of events each year.            

The Clown Virtuoso

A family show for Clown and Symphony Orchestra

Classical music meets musical mayhem, guaranteed to amaze and amuse!
The Clown Virtuoso is a delightful classical music concert for children and adults. Acclaimed Atlanta clown Reuben Haller (Big Apple Circus) is the clown violin soloist, performing with the Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Mirna Ogrizovic-Ciric. Selections include works by Rossini, Schubert, Handel, Shostakovich and more.

YouTube Video

A HUMONGOUS "Thanks" goes of course to- The Paul Mitchell School Atlanta. With their amazing staff (pictured below) and their awesome students. With their speed in all the behind the scenes set up, their attentiveness to the needs of all participants and their great, positive energy they gave to my event. 

Thank you for opening your doors to me and my event when you didn't know what to expect. Thank you for taking a humongous leap of faith!!

(The Paul Mitchell Powerhouse Crew- Carole Wingrove, Emily Allen, Memory Gough & Monica McKim,)

Awesome Paul Mitchell Students!!

Which one of these people don't look like the others? Can you guess where I am at mixed in with all of the fabulous Paul Mitchell students?? HA!

I want to just say "Thank You" to all who have been there in the past and continue to come year after year. I also want to acknowledge those who have put their faith in me and my event by coming this year and showing up to the unexpected. Thank you for believing!

We will all be able to come together to touch the lives of so many people!

(My sister Kim, me and one of my beautiful Special Olympics swimmers Jenna!)

And then I have a very "special" thank you that goes out to my wonderful husband, Greg Owczarski. Without his help, I would never be able to even dream of something as big and adventurous as this. You are amazing and I am so lucky to have you by my side, as my rock. All my love, muaahhh! :D

(My amazing hubby Greg & my great sister in-law Becky. Thanks guys!)

Thank you all so very much!

Gloria Owczarski

Founder/Organizer "Day of Beauty"  

Special Olympics Swim Coach

This event is dedicated to my sister (pictured on the right) she is my inspiration. I love you Kimmy!

For more information about donating products/services

for this years event, please email


Thanks so much!                                                                          

All items that are not donated do come straight out of my pocket. With the event

getting bigger every year, I do have to cover a lot of expenses. If you would like to

donate, please call or email! Thanks so much for your help!


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